Privacy policy

Which data are saved?

The personal data, which have been saved into the recruiting database, consist of profiles of students and companies, further more of some login- and event specific information. All details, that concern the user, can be accessed and changed at all time.

What happens to my data?

Data in the recruiting database are exclusively used within the events, which are planned through Forum&Contact: Polyvortrag and Polymesse and events, which are organized through ETH juniors: Polyinterview and Polycocktail. These data are not accessible for a third party.

Who can see my data?

Student data

The profile data of students can only be seen by registered companies that have been confirmed by the organisers – and this only within the events Polyinterview and Polycocktail. After the participation at the Polycocktail the profile data are only accessible to the three companies which have had an interview with the students. Outside of the Polyinterview there is no possibility to have an access to the data.

Company data

The profile data of companies can be seen by everyone within the event for which the company registered. Beyond this, there is no possibility to access company data.